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Top 5 richest people in the world

While many of us are happy to daydream about winning the lottery or having some other lucky financial windfall, the world’s top billionaires are staring at their bank balances wondering what to do with all their money. Each year, billionaires compete to grab onto one of the top spots on the exclusive Forbes rich list.
Carlos Slim moustache

1.) Carlos Slim

Although he has an estimated net worth of $73 billion, most people have never heard of Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim. Slim is the owner and CEO of some of the largest telecommunication and mobile network companies in Mexico, including Telmex and América Móvil. He also has investments in technological, financial and retail sectors via his global conglomerate company Grupo Carso. Slim has been rising up the ranks of the rich list since 2007 and he has held on to the top spot for two years in a row.

2.) Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a billionaire who needs no introduction. In 1987, Forbes announced that the co-founder of Microsoft was the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, and the software company continues to go from strength to strength. In recent years, Gates has focused on philanthropic work and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged billions towards relieving global problems and third-world poverty.

3.) Amancio Ortega

Best known for being the owner of retail fashion store Zara, the $57 billion net worth of Amancio Ortega puts him at number 3 of the world’s richest people. Ortega is the majority shareholder of Inditex fashion group which is one of the largest textile manufacturers and designers in the world. The group is responsible for more than 5,500 fashion stores worldwide.

4.) Warren Buffett

Business magnate Warren Buffett joined the billionaire club during the early 1990s, and his shrewd business sense and keen eye for investment has made him one of the world’s most consistent high earners. Buffett is well-known for his philanthropic nature. A keen supporter of the Gates Foundation, he has pledged to give away at least 99 percent of his wealth when he dies.

5.) Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is the CEO of major software company Oracle and is worth an estimated $41 billion. An extravagant spender, Ellison’s personal assets include a private jet, huge car collection and a Hawaiian island.